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Is the Law Firm Ownership Debate Over?

Skeptics of alternative business structures (ABS) have interpreted recent negative news as the death knell for ABS in Canada. In this second of our two-part series we examine their reasoning, and outline actions you can take, regardless of your stance on the subject. There’s so much s

Alternative Business Structures: You Decide

Alternative business structures (ABS) have been making legal news headlines in Canada all year. Some argue that it’s an all-but-dead issue. In fact, we’re only through round one of a multi-round debate. In this first of a two-part series, we examine the arguments for and against ABS.

How Profitable Are Your Clients?

In our last post, we described the trend away from the billable hour and toward alternative fee arrangements (AFAs). We discussed how clients are looking to acquire value at a reasonable price, while firms are looking to deliver value at a reasonable profit. On the surface, these may

Is the death of the billable hour a foregone conclusion?

You can’t read the legal press without running across at least one article about the demise of the billable hour, and it’s not all media hype. The 2014 Canadian Lawyer Corporate Counsel Survey found a big drop in those using the billable hour as their primary arrangement – from 55.2 p