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  • References and Testimonials for GhostPractice


“We have achieved a 300% return on the total monthly investment cost of GhostPractice.”
- JJ Van Wyk
“We have no doubt that this relationship with Korbitec will grow and we recommend their services to anyone.”
- K De Wet
“Productivity has significantly increased.”
- M Bembridge
“GhostPractice applications are limited only by one's own imagination.”
- WG Robertson
“We have been on GhostPractice for just over a month now…, and I must say I am still amazed at the product. I only wish this had been around when we first opened the practice.”
- M Levy
“GhostPractice has met every need within our firm; the benefits we have received are endless.”
- Brink Falcon Hume
“There is no doubt in our minds that we have made the right decision in changing to GP and would not consider using any other service provider.”
- C Nymphe
“From the management and the staff of Hopane Attorneys we are proud to be a part of the GhostPractice Family and will gladly, and with firm conviction, recommend the program and the dedicated team that comes with it.”
- DS Fouche
“The program is more than an accounting system, it has revolutionized our business in file management, document solutions, practice management and time recording.”
- P Wieselthaler
“We would highly recommend GhostPractice to any legal firm wishing to improve their business performance.”
- JJ Van Wyk
“Since the implementation of the software, the fees as generated by our firm has increased by 165%.”
- AJ Van Rensburg
“I cannot live without it.”
- D Sorrill
“We can confidently say that GhostPractice has delivered on its promise to add value to our business.”
- R Greyenstein
“We remain grateful that we made the decision to use GP and are confident that the long term relationship will continue to grow.”
- M Bembridge
“We take pride in being associated with Korbitec and their GhostPractice division and we gladly recommend their products, technical expertise and professional service to any legal practitioners.”
- JA Viljoen
“We learned a tremendous amount about our business and there is no doubt that the business is far better off after our successful implementation of GhostPractice.”
- R Greyenstein
“Our firm is definitely better off as a result of the installation of GP and I can endorse and recommend it to any law firm.”
- D Sorrill
“The features and benefits of this product are highly beneficial to any law practice and provide an excellent management tool for fast and reliable data in respect of any aspect of a law practice.”
- NK Petzer
“It is an invaluable business tool which has improved our cash flow and service.”
- J Bhana